Finally Need For Speed: The RUN released last week and  EA games has once again come up with a mind-blowing game.  NFS The Run is created by EA Black Box with the technology derived from Battlefield 3’s luxurious Frostbite 2 engine.  The locales are definitely the best part of the game . The Run lures players into an underground world of illicit, high-stakes racing.  We have to play the character of Jack Rourke who battles it out from San Francisco to New York running for his life across the 3000 miles stretch passing through some of the awesomest tracks racing through dust storms, avalanches, busy streets and mountain passes. Due to the Frostbite2 engine the visuals and graphics are a treat to the eye, the run has some of the most gorgeous tracks that I’ve ever seen in a racing game and it feels like a realistic journey from San Francisco across  the Rockies, Yosemite National Park, New Jersey, Las Vegas, Chicago   finally ending in the busy streets of New York and all this is highly detailed and lifelike. Unlike the last years Hot Pursuit the choice and availability of cars could have been better. For the entire Run i must have used 3 or 4 cars which mostly included some Lumborghini and a Porsche 918 RSR for the ending part but i think these cars were excellent and i didn’t feel the need of any better car. Most of the tracks are not designed for extremely high speed racing like we had in Hot Pursuit where we raced even at a speed of 410-415 Kmph in a Buggati. My average speed was around 230 Kmph. My favourite part of the game was The Final Run i.e the battle with Marcus Blackwell for the # 1 spot and the race was a great ending to The Run. It starts in the busy streets of New York racing across heavy traffic and narrow streets. Marcus is programmed to shoot at Jack which takes Jack off road into the railway tunnels finding its way through the fast running trains while switching tracks and all this requires quick reactions else we get run over by the trains. Here’s a detailed gallery of The Run and I’ve tried to cover almost all the exciting parts and tracks of the game.

Finally both Marcus and Jack enter into a shipyard where it requires very fast and quick reaction racing from Jack to get past Marcus and even a small error results in the crash because of the irregular placement of shipping containers. The Run ends here but there’s a glance of another run which might be the next edition or the 2nd part of this game. It’s definitely the best racing game ever. Get your hands onto it and experience it all yourself. For any details/questions about the game tweet me @Aam1rY


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